The Central Arizona Missionary Baptist District Association is comprised of churches in the Greater Phoenix Area. Please click on the church name to visit their website or a social media icon to get connected.

Christian Fellowship Missionary Baptist Church
Deacon Emerson Turner, Jr. (Point of Contact)
2427 South Colleen, Mesa, Arizona 85201
Berean Bible Church
Dr. Frederick L. Fairley, Sr.
3102 North 29th Avenue, Phoenix, Arizona 85017
Bethlehem Baptist Church
The Rev. Arthur Lee, Jr.
1402 East Adams Street, Phoenix, Arizona 85034
First Institutional Baptist Church
Dr. Warren H. Stewart, Sr.
1141 East Jefferson Street, Phoenix, Arizona 85034
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New Beginnings Fellowship
The Rev. Tommy L. Reynolds
Post Office Box 5971, Mesa, Arizona 85201
New Home Baptist Church
The Rev. Darryl L. Jackson
1141 West Sherman Street, Phoenix, Arizona 85007
New Jerusalem Baptist Church
The Rev. Thomas Davis, Jr.
3514 West Grove Street, Phoenix, Arizona 85041
Solid Rock Missionary Baptist Church
The Rev. Gregory Chambliss
Post Office Box 14622, Phoenix, Arizona 85040

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