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We are excited for the experience you are going to have at the 2017 Motivational Conference, Saturday, May 20, 2017 at First Institutional Baptist Church. There is something for everyone this year and a topic sure to inspire and motivate you to live out our theme, "How to be a Balanced Believer" Your registration includes continental breakfast, lunch and workshop materials. 


Take a look at the tentative schedule for the day


Registration and Continental Breakfast

(you are encouraged to register in advance and skip the line)


Opening Session and Inspirational Message featuring Pastor Darryl Jackson


Workshop Sessions

(you will be able to choose a workshop to attend)


  • Fix My Finances: There are two truths we all deal with in life no matter your age or stage, death is sure and the tax man cometh. And while we as Christians we know death is just our admission into the Kingdom of God, finances come with a whole lot more. This class will explore how we as Christians find the "balance" in our finances, whether you are just starting out on your own trying to navigate the most basic of budgets, you are a young professional looking to make your first home purchase or you are at or nearing retirement and trying to make your money last.

  • Fractured Faith: If you turn on the TV you will see war, poverty, government corruption, sex, and more.  This is more than a reality show, it is our current reality.  We live in a country the proclaims to be under God, but our current context and culture is to the contrary.  Spirituality is growing but the church is shrinking.  This class will help the participant manage the message of a sovereign God in our suffering communities to those whose faith is failing.


  • The Future of the Family: How do you explain a family made up of two fathers, or two mothers, and a child to a young person? If it takes a village, where does the church fit into the new cultural context of what family looks like? Our Christian beliefs define to us what family is, but how do we navigate our current cultural climate and still show the love of Christ in a tangible way.


  • Fully Fit: What does healthy living mean to you? Being a "balanced believer" means you work on your whole self; mind, body and spirit. Each week your Pastor feeds your spirit, you continue to learn and grow your mind, but what are you doing to take care of your body? Are you fasting when your church calls for a fast and then eating fried chicken and chittlin's the next week? Do you have a healthy living regiment that has you up and moving and active? This class will look at the importance of being fully fit, mind, body and spirit. 


Lunch and Closing




You are more than welcome to attend and register on-site on Saturday


Have Questions about the

Motivational Workshops?

Tracy Lewis | Director of Marketing & Media

(602) 258-1998 ext. 2208 |

1141 East Jefferson Street, Phoenix, Arizona 85034

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